Last updated: January 10, 2023


You are expected to review these rules while participating on the server. Violation of any is subject to permanent ban and can change at any time.

Technical rules

Chunk generating, loading, and claiming

  1. When you join the server for the first time, you must create a team using the /ftbteams party create, especially before claiming or chunk loading any chunks.

  2. Be conservative when generating chunks. The world file size grows very easily and the current size is already massive. Craft a Nature's Compass to find biomes and a Stucture Compass to find structures.

  3. Be conservative when claiming chunks and especially chunk loading. Don't claim or load anything you don't need to and unload and unclaim when finished using the chunk.

  4. Use /rtp conservatively. Every time it's used, it causes a massive amount of lag and writes lots of chunks to the world file.


  1. Do not use the Refined Storage mod. It has a myriad of issues that can also cause world corruption. Use a different storage method such as Applied Energistics 2 (AE2), Integrated Dynamics, RFTools Storage, or Functional Storage.

  2. Do not store items that have NBT tags (things like mob drops, enchanted books/items, any unstackables) in digital storage (like Applied Energistics 2). You must store these items in standard chests. See the NBT and YOU! note in the Basic Storage section of the quest book.

  3. Do not use other cells from AE2 add-ons, such as those from AE2 Things, AE Additions and MEGA Cells. Only use Item Storage Cells and Fluid Storage Cells from vanilla AE2. For example, ME Disk Drives (Deep Item Storage disK) from AE2 Things or Super Storage Cells from AE Additions. Vanilla AE2's inherit type limit of 63 is there for a reason: to avoid world corruption and crashes.

  4. It is encouraged to store massive amounts of items in Storage Drawers from the Functional Storage mod (such as cobblestone, dirt). Even better, craft a Compacting Drawer, which will compact these items automatically. You can connect Storage Drawers to your ME system. See a tutorial here.

  5. Be careful to not hit the NBT data limit per chunk. Spread your storage across chunks and use the trash utility to remove anything you don't need. When making a mob grinder, filter out and automatically void the drops you don't need (for example: Apotheosis gems, weapons and armor). You can use the LaserIO mod to do this, Pipez filters, Item Trash Cans from the Trash Cans mod.

  6. Please try to limit entities (try to pick up entities like loose items and limit entities like boats and armor stands, avoid using tile-entities for decoration).

Community rules

  1. Abide by Minecraft's Community Standards and Discord's Community Guidelines.

  2. Be respectful and considerate to other players.

  3. Do not cheat, steal, or grief.

  4. PvP is enabled, but is only allowed when both players consent to PvP.

  5. As of 1.19.2, in-game chat is now reportable. Although there is a mod to prevent reporting in the modpack, it can be easily circumvented. Be mindful of this.