Getting Started

Last updated: January 26, 2023


Step 1: In the main menu, click Multiplayer.

Step 2: Click Add Server.

Step 3: Set the Server Name to whatever you want, and the Server Address to

Step 4: Join the server by selecting the server and clicking Join.

Step 5: After you enter spawn, if you haven't already done so, use open the chat by pressing the T key and enter the command /ftbteams party create, then press the Enter key. This will create your FTB team so that you can claim chunks and store quest data.

Step 6: Use the random teleport command to find a place to call home. Please use this sparingly and slowly; generating chunks in quick succession causes a massive amount of lag and can crash the server. It also writes needless chunks to the world folder. It has a radius of 25,000 blocks.

Use /rtp conservatively.

Please review the Rules page, which you are expected to review and follow while participating in the server.

Discord server

(Currently not available) Ask me for the Discord server link.

Getting started

This modpack has quests for many of the main mods featured in the pack. Access your quest book by pressing E and clicking the book icon with an exclamation point on it on the top left corner of your screen. I recommend setting a key bind for this. I also recommended reading the sections: Welcome, Main Questline: Getting Started and Getting Started: Part 2 to start.


Tip #0: Check out Pilpoh's extremely helpful 40 Tips and Tricks video!

Tip #1: Use the /back command to teleport to your most recent death point or to your last teleport point.

Tip #2: Bind the Walk Automatically action to a key. I use Caps Lock.

Tip #3: Craft a Nature's Compass to find biomes and a Stucture Compass to find structures such as Nether fortresses.

Tip #4: Crafting a Hammer from the Alltheoresm mod is a great early-game way to double raw material.

Tip #4: Best area to find ancient debris/netherite is in the Nether Wastes biome at Y: 14.

Tip #5: After you get your first Allthemodium, make a teleport pad to the mining dimension. More Allthemodium can be found in the deepslate layer, Y: 70-100.

YouTube let's plays

On top of the built-in quests, watching an LP of someone play the pack is a great learning resource. These are a few LP's I recommend:

Pilpoh's LP: Pilpoh completed the biggest parts of the pack. He started on version 0.0.3, though, so the older videos may differ in gameplay from the current version of the pack. Currently ongoing.

ChosenArchitect's LP: A recent LP, Chosen started on version 1.0.5. Currently ongoing.

Lashmak's LP: A recent, faster-paced LP. Series ended.

Resources for help

You can use the ATM Discord and use the relevant channels for help from their Discord community. I recommend searching through the server with CTRL+F for something related to your question first before asking a question. Chances are that it's been answered somewhere already.

  • Use the #atm8-general text channel for gameplay help

  • Use #atm8-help for issues related to crashing and getting your game to work